Stuents Council Committe

Class representatives form the Students council Committee every year to assist the administration in day to day matters related to students.  They are selected through a transparent election process every year.

Public Ministry

Involvement in public ministries

We show keen interest to give opportunities to our students in outdoor public ministries like participating and conducting literacy, health care and medical awareness camps. Interested students are trained in puppet shows, street theatres and other mass communication skills to raise awareness on health, environmental issues and other economic, socio-cultural practices.

Spiritual Life

One of the hallmarks of NTC is that it attempts to blend spirituality and academics in its pursuits of theological education. Therefore the college provides the students, staff and other members of the community ample opportunities for spiritual and academic exercises.


Community Life

NTC inculcates a family culture. Students and staff live on campus as members of one family. NTC offers student an intimate, personal atmosphere where one can gain not only a quality education, but life-long relationships that will last way after college.



Sports Activities

The NTC campus has large sports grounds.  Students engage in sports activities between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. except on Wednesday and Sunday. Sports Committee organize a Sports Day every year which is an  important event for the community.


Practical Ministry

In the ministerial training front, in addition to lectures, seminars and library based learning; students are required to do practical training. Week-end and other long-outreach ministries in churches, schools, and hospitals and in rural and urban communities through church related and other para-church and non-governmental organizations are coordinated by the Practical Ministry Department of the College.



Ministry opportunities after graduation

NTC offers good ministerial placements to interested graduates who wish to work with the ministries of NTC's parent body Bharat Susamachar Samiti. BSS runs a number of very good schools, training centres and other social and community development and empowering ministries in north India. We give opportunities to our sponsored as well as independent students to work with BSS after completing their studies. Students who are sponsored and assisted by other churches and ministry agencies are required to return to their sponsors and churches after completing studies.

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